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  • You must be an Illinois resident to get a quote at this time.
  • Consumer feedback tells us total quote time is 3-5 minutes.
  • You only need basic information to get a quote.
  • To get an accurate to exact quote you need to input as much information as possible.
  • Due to many discounts offered by insurance companies that you may be unaware of, if the quote could be less you will be contacted by Epic Insurance to review and solidify the quote for your convenience.
  • During the quoting process you will be asked to approve a consumer reports credit check. This will not create an inquiry on your record. Please approve this if you want to get a more accurate quote. Whether they tell you about it or not, most if not all insurance companies and agents in Illinois and other states use credit as a rating factor to determine the cost of your insurance. This is used to let you get a more accurate quote on the specifics of you. The consumer report information gained from Lexis Nexis/Choice Point is processed into an insurance score, and used in pricing behind the scene. To get more information click here.
  • 24/7 Quote System is a secure encrypted site by Webcetera.

Sure, you can call multiple agents or fill out online quote forms all day to get individual quotes, but why would you want to. You can get an instant quote from multiple companies in a few minutes with basic information right here. The quote system is available 24h/Day.

Ahhh, much simpler and faster, plus you won't have to shoot down agents or deal with email spam from all those websites you visited.

You can also call or email us and have us do all the insurance shopping for you. We'll quote multiple excellent rated insurance companies to find one best for you.

We shop quality companies, You save!

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