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Epic Insurance Services, Inc

1450 S New Wilke Rd, Ste. 201

Arlingon Heights, IL 60005

Phone: (847) 870-4444

Email: contact@epicinsured.com

We shop quality companies, You save!

If we can't save you money with better coverage;
we can't expect to earn your business!

Do you want your insurance agency to actually work for you, not the one company they represent? Make sure you deal with an independent insurance agency like Epic Insurance.

Stop overpaying for your insurance. Stop dealing with agents who have no choice but to recommend and sell the only company they have. Options are always better so let us give you some. Talk to people who just want to help, not just sell you a policy. We are never motivated by how much we can make.

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Independent Insurance Agency

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Instant quote from multiple companies
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Call us, 9 out of 10 times it will be very worth your while and if it happens to
not make sense than we won't try to push or sell you on something you don't
feel comfortable with. It's who we are: insurance advisors, not salespeople!

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