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Do you know what your homeowners policy covers?

If there was one thing I could tell you about home insurance it would be the fact that not all policies are created equal. Some policies offer protection that is way bellow average; "named peril" policies name a few exact causes of loss, if your loss is not one of them, guess what? - you're not covered. Homeowner Insurance Homeowner Insurance On top of that there are numerous exclusions to the covered perils. The burden of proof lies on you to show that your loss was one that is covered and not excluded. Now, would you be surprised if I told you that these inferior products are the only ones available from some well know companies you see on TV all the time. People assume they have great coverage because they are insured by well know carriers when in fact they have the worst policies available. Eventually when they find out the truth it's often to late. Please contact us and let us explain about the type of policy you should have and the only one available from us. We'll take care of your house, condo or renters unit just the same.

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