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About Us

Integrity, Honesty and Honor are values one acquires over a lifetime of being surrounded by them. We have lived by these in our family going back as far as I can remember, starting with my grandfather who raised me for part of my life. To many, these are great marketing words; to me they are much more and I did not need the state mandated ethics course to understand this. My Grandfather and my Father taught me that we come to be known by our deeds. And when all is said and done and we are gone, all that will remain is our good name. I respect the name my Grandfather passed on. It is personal and it's how we do business, and why wouldn't we, that's all we know.

Why Epic?

With so many choices for your insurance coverage, what benefits are there to working with an independent insurance agent/broker like Epic Insurance? Well, to put it into one word; OPTIONS. We give you options because we have them, captive agents don't so you already know what company they will recommend, the only one they are tied to and have to sell, of course. We work with numerous excellent rated companies so when you call us we'll quote you with all of them, that way you'll know right away where you're going to get the best value for your insurance dollar. This is why people who quote with us almost always save money. If the company you're with ends up being the right place for you and we can't put you in a better position and find you more coverage at a lower premium, we'll tell you to stay where you are, no gimmicks, sale tactics, etc. We will simply do what's right for you, that has always been our policy. As an added benefit every year thereafter we'll make sure that you're still in the best position available. Great service is how we Thank You for being our client.

Integrity, Honesty and Honor above all else.

David Lotowski
Marzena Lotowski

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